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5' 9" (1.75 m)
Basil McCurry is the only daughter of an Assyrian Russian mother and a Scottish Irish father. Born in California on January 17th Basil grew up and was educated all over the United States as well as parts of Europe. At the early age of five Basil's parents divorced making her divide her time between parents, cities and schools. She found comfort in the arts of music, dance and acting and found a knack for comedy at a very young age, always entertaining the other children and performing a variety show of Motown songs and dance for her family whenever the opportunity arose. As a child growing up Basil was introduce to the classic Hollywood film era due to her non-english speaking grandmother who use to love watching the old flicks. For year's Basil's use to repeat what the actors said to her grandmother teaching her essentially how to speak english, while playing dress up and totally emersing herself into the characters she so loved and admired. "We use to croon when the names of some of our favorite actresses like Lucille Ball, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Stanwick, Sophia Loren, Bette Davis, Ingrid Bergman and Mae West appeared on the Big screen." "We loved watching these actresses interact with some of the most distinguished and funny actors at that time, Bob Hope, Carey Grant, William Holden, Robert Mitchum, John Wayne." Basil always enjoyed comedy and was greatly influenced by some of her hero's and use to mimic and put her own twist on the then comics of their time. Lewis and Martin, Abbot and Costello, Carol Burnet, The Three Stooges, Redd Foxx and Robin Williams. Then in 1977 the most life awe inspiring experience occurred and changed Basil's relationship with the movies forever when George Lucas' Star Wars was released. She has been fascinated and having a love affair with movies ever since. In college she received highest recognition by being on the Honor Roll and making the Dean's List for greatest achievement in Film and Television Production as well as in Theatre Production and Comedic and Dramatic Acting. As well as being an actress Basil is a writer, comedian, radio hostess, voice over artist, producer, and director. While in her teens Basil got in the music scene learning the business while being on the road getting her education first hand working as a roadie for some of the most renowned artist including Metallica, John Fogerty, Paul Anka, NIN, and Alice in Chains, just to name a few. She has interned with some of the biggest agencies and music publishing companies learning hands on from those in the business about the business. Fascinated with world history and mythology it turns out she has a bit of history thru her family with of touch of legend attached, being a direct descendant of the Great Babylonian Empire as well as being the great great granddaughter of Lady Godiva. While she has been a part of numerous production sets she herself has directed and produced a variety of projects included a documentary entitled Flags and Mental Jewelry as well as a short film based on Irvine Welsh book Ecstasy and since moving to Los Angeles she has worked on the Emmy Award winning shows House and appearing on the 100th episode of The Office. Basil has worked with some of the most distinguished, creative, talented producers and directors Hollywood has to offer; Judd Apatow, Joe Wright, Christopher Nolan, Oliver Stone, and Jon Favreau as well as some of the most talented actors of our generation with the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Hugh Jackman, Adam Sandler, Joseph Fiennes, Tim Roth and Gwyenth Paltrow as well as having the distingushed honor of having worked on the Oscar Award Winning Feature Film The Prestige starring Christian Bale. Basil is currently continuing her career and has started her own Production company Snipper in Training Production where several projects will be hitting the air in 2010. In the meantime she can be seen on a variety of hit shows and feature films while continuing to work with outstanding Producer's, Directors and talented artist including musicians, writers, and a variety of actors from around the world. She will be celebrating her birthday this year attending for the first time the 67th annual Golden Globe Awards Ceremony. Be sure to look for Basil's upcoming performances on True Blood, Flash Forward, Real Chance of Love 2, Sons of Anarchy and Hung as well in Funny People, Born to be a Star and this summer's superhero blockbuster Iron Man 2.
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