Bianca Bellange

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Nominated in 2003 for best actress at the prestigious festival of Montreal with a twist. Bianca Bellange was born in Montreal. Although very shy, she always had great interest for the performing arts, for she is a trained ballet dancer. Coming from a family who studied mainly in science, it seems like Bianca was destined to brake the tradition. It just wasn't clear yet what career she would choose. Would it be a dancer, a singer, a painter? Her first sign came in high school, when doing Shakespeare's play "Macbeth". Her French teacher came up to her at the end and told her that she had a unique talent. It is at that moment that Bianca entertained for the first time, the idea of acting as a career. But it is not until a few years later, when she went to see "Looking for Richard" (starring her favourite actor Al Pacino who inspire her every day) as a school assignment , that Bianca decided to make the plunge into the acting pool. She started her training at the Rising Sun Theatre. She then continued her training with respected teacher Jacqueline McClintoke. Bianca is now under the guidance of renowned teacher Warren Robertson. This young actress is already getting noticed by the Canadian media. In 2003, Bianca received a best actress nomination at the festival of Montreal with a twist for her first lead role in the thriller "Virgin Assassins". Bianca is now working on two upcoming features, one of which she not only stars but also wrote.
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