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Doug has directed eight feature films, over 18 hours of network television, and four commercials. His work has appeared in theaters and airwaves around the world, from Cannes to Sydney to Tokyo. Domestically, CBS, HBO, Showtime, Fox, PAX-TV, The Family Channel and other networks have been home to Doug's writing and directing.Doug recently completed work on _Killer Flood: The Day the Dam Broke (2003)_ for Porchlight Entertainment, an action adventure feature he wrote and directed. With a 17 day shooting schedule, "Killer Flood" is full of water effects and stars Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5) Michele Greene (L.A. Law) Joe Lando (Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman) and Matthew Ewald (Galador).Doug had an absolute blast co-writing and directing Trapped: Buried Alive (2002) (TV) for Executive Producer Joe Broido at Porchlight. Premiering on PAX-TV February 2002, "Trapped" stars Jack Wagner and Gabrielle Carteris. Working in Vermont with Peter Beckwith's Edgewood Studios -- and surviving a blizzard during principal photography! -- was an experience he won't soon forget.Doug's favorite feature is "The Tomorrow Man", a sci-fi action drama he wrote, directed and executive produced under his own company banner, Elsinore Pictures. "The Tomorrow Man" stars Corbin Bernsen in a performance audiences have dubbed his best ever. Doug owns the film and has secured foreign distribution with Showcase Entertainment and domestic with Bedford Entertainment. "T-Man" was nominated for Best New Live Action Feature, Best Director and Best Screenplay in the 2001 Video Premiere Awards sponsored by Daily Variety Magazine. Doug took home the Best Director Award. "T-Man" enjoyed a successful theatrical run last fall and is currently available at Hollywood Video and wrote and directed his first feature at age 24, MGM/UA's "Season of Fear", (aka "An American Murder") which premiered in U.S. theaters. Doug had the good fortune to work with Michael Bowen, Ray Wise, Clancy Brown and the hilarious Michael J. Pollard (Bonnie and Clyde).Not only is Doug an accomplished director, but in his years of production experience he has worked in every department on a movie set. A native to Los Angeles, Doug began writing, directing and acting in short films at age 14, and his love for cinema, stage and literature has grown ever since. He studied Journalism, English Literature and Theater Arts at UCLA then transferred to the California Institute of the Arts to earn his bachelor's degree in Film Production.
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