Jessica Sutta photo

Jessica Sutta

Birth name:
Jessica Lynn Sutta
Date of Birth:
15 May 1982 Miami, Florida, USA
5' 4½" (1.64 m)
Jessica Lynn Sutta was born on 15th May 1982 in Miami, Florida. She is more known as a dancer and back up singer in the famous burlesque group, Pussycat Dolls. Jessica started dancing at the tender age of 3 years old and she had never stopped living her dreams since then. She went for an audition to be in the group when she was only 22 years old and when she knew she got into the group, she was so happy. Although she seems like the quietest one in the group, she is known as the most hardworking one as she often practices her dance moves. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, going shopping and taking a drive around Miami. What most people don't really know is she was an actress before she joined the group. Therefore, she hopes to be able to act when Pussycat Dolls release their second album which is coming out in 2008. Jessica describes herself as a driven, passionate and classy girl and even though she is known to be the classy one, she quoted once "When you're on stage, you can't be classy. Classy is me but the stage me is definitely not like that." With all the success coming to Jessica when she's only 24, we're definitely hoping to see more of her in the coming years. As she quotes, " The reason why we've succeeded to becoming The Pussycat Dolls is because we are being who we are." and definitely being who she is makes her big.
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