John H. Lee

Birth name:
Jae-han Lee
Date of Birth:
5' 10" (1.78 m)
One of the new generations of pan-Asian international directors, John H. Lee's films are imbued with top-notch Cosmopolitan sensibilities. Lee, born in Seoul, Korea, moved to America at the age of 12. Upon graduating from New York University Film School, Lee made his feature debut with "The Cut Runs Deep." After running the festival circuit worldwide, "The Cut Runs Deep" was released in Korea in 2000 becoming a cult classic. Since his debut success, Lee has directed over 25 international music videos, and most recently, his second feature film, a love story titled, "A Moment to Remember" in 2004. It became the highest grossing domestic film in the romance genre in Korea. Subsequently released in Japan in 2005, "A Moment to Remember" has broken the box office record for a Korean film opening in Japan. (Dec. 15, 2005)