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Born in Denmark, north of Copenhagen, Simona Levin Willliams grew up with one big wish to become an actress. Beginning her career with modeling at the age of 14, she quickly excelled and became a well known celebrity throughout Denmark. Acting in every school play, and choreographing her own dance shows, (having an intense dance background) Simona quickly learned she needed to go to Hollywood to achieve bigger goals.Ever vacation from school, Simona went to Los Angeles and quickly landed an agent. She went back and forth from Denmark to LA, studying at every prestigious acting school. At the age of 18, she moved to Hollywood to pursue her dream of being an actress. Unfortunately, her father disagreed with her choice of "profession" and dragged her back to Copenhagen where she had to attend law School. During the five and a half years of studying earning herself a Masters degree in Law, she also studied stage acting at several theaters in Copenhagen.Simona, however, could not see any future in a law office so she escaped and went back to Hollywood to pursue her dream. Being an intense studier and hard worker, she attended some of the best acting schools.Now having been in ten feature films, Simona is facing her biggest career shift starring as "Lepeord Lady" in the feature "Drive Angry" with Nicholas Cage.
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