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Yasmine Aamin

Birth name:
Simin Bagheri
Date of Birth:
Yasmine Aamin possesses a truly unique spark that people gravitate towards; her charming nature wins over the hearts of anyone she encounters. Born on January 21, 1985 in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, she moved to Canada in 1993 with her family. She is proud of her roots and will humbly assure you that although she is a Canadian citizen, she is first and foremost, an Iranian-Canadian. She is proficient in three languages: English, Arabic and Farsi.Being the youngest of four children, she spent a significant amount of time learning talents from her siblings - perfecting them into her own magic, which she did with ease even at a considerably young age. As a young child she attentively watched her older siblings playing their instruments. All the while her heart reached out to the heavens (or anyone listening, for that matter), for she wished for the day she could do it on her own. The journey began with the simple dream of a young girl.She did it all. She loved the spotlight. She was a star in her own right. Simin has actively sang and danced since the age of five. She would sing and dance for family events and community events; she was in her elementary school plays, and sang in both her high school and university choir. At the age of thirteen she placed herself in Irish dance, training and competing for the sheer love of it. At the age of fourteen, Simin sang as a soprano vocalist in the Voices of Bahá Choir at Carnegie Hall (New York City) during the 2002 Conference of the Arts. Later, she learned belly dancing and traditional Persian dancing, becoming a belly-dancing instructor and giving lessons while she was in her last year of high school. Her artistic talents extend beyond singing - Simin attended the H.B. Beal Art program, a visual art enrichment program, during her last 2 years of high school.She wanted to be a part of something for the greater good, all the while doing what she seemed to always know she wanted to do. Simin's love for children led her to initiate children's programs as a teen in high school. She was involved with programs focusing on conflict resolution, violence prevention, art enrichment, children's painting classes, children's choirs, teaching Sunday school, and assisting in preschools, elementary and secondary schools as a teacher's aid. She was club president for several clubs and interned as a board member on the Board of Directors with the Sexual Assault Centre of London. Every action has a reaction: the response to her well doings paid off tremendously. Her love for children, her community involvement and her passion for the arts resulted in a full university scholarship. Simin received the prestigious $60,000 TD Canada Trust Scholarship for Community Leadership and studied psychology at the University of Western Ontario. In fact, during her first year of university, she was the only first year student to become an Academic Advisor.
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