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Alex Macqueen was born in 1974 in Epsom, Surrey. He was in the National Youth Theatre from 1992 to 1995 and studied English Literature at Durham University.He plays Julius Nicholson in the BBC series 'The Thick of It'.In 2009 he starred in the film 'The Hide' directed by Marek Losey and written by Tim Whitnall.The Hide was described by Film Four as 'a brilliantly balanced understated drama' and by The Times as giving 'Misery and Sleuth a ride for their money'.The Hide is a psychological thriller set in a bird watchers retreat on the Suffolk marshes, shot in seven days at Pinewood and three on location, and filmed on a micro budget.Alex Macqueen has also made guest appearances in British comedies including, Peep Show, Pulling, The Inbetweeners, Lead Balloon and The IT Crowd.