Anya Camilleri

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Anya started off working for Tim Bevan at Working Title Films. She produced numerous pop videos and commercials for directors Nic Roeg, Mike Newell and Derek Jarman, amongst others.She left Working Title to make her first short film The Refund and then was sponsored by the BBC to do their Directors' course.Anya made her directorial debut on Channel 4 directing an original drama, Eye Contact (1991) (TV) starring Jason Isaacs. She went on to direct episodes of Boon and The Bill for ITV as well as a TV movie for the BBC, _ Two Golden Balls (1994) (TV)_ starring Kim Cattrall and veteran comic star Leslie Phillips.Next she helped originate and was lead director of two series of the critically-acclaimed Liverpool 1 for ITV, which led the autumn schedule for 2 seasons, starring Samantha Janus, Mark Womack and Tom Georgeson. The 14 hour series was described by the Daily Mail as having "the greatest performances ever".Her cinema short "Perfect," starring Stephen Moyer, about a neurotic estate agent who goes on a killing spree, won a host of international awards.She then co- created and was lead director of NY-LON, a 7 hour transatlantic love story, set in London and New York, starring Rashida Jones and Stephen Moyer. After this Anya was invited to direct the psychological horror film Incubus (2006), starring Tara Reid which was shot on location in Romania.Anya is attached to direct a trilogy of feature films about Love, Sex and Money. The first, Satisfaction, is set to shoot in January 2010, on location in London and Rome.
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