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5' 6" (1.68 m)
An artist for over 35 years, Arne Starr has produced illustrations for many major companies and products and is best known for creating more art for Star Trek Comics than any other artist. As an ink artist at DC Comics, he has worked on just about every major character at the company. His uncredited co-inking efforts on Crisis on Infinite Earths (featuring the death of Supergirl and the Flash) and on Booster Gold and Batman were followed with credited stints on Power Girl, Green Lantern in Action Comics, Legion of Super-Heroes (co-inker, not "Ink Assist"), Unknown Soldier, Firestorm, and the original first ever mini-series of Star Trek: The Next Generation which followed into his long run on classic Star Trek, plus many, many more. His work also extends to Nexus at First Comics, Deep Space Nine at Malibu, and Spider-Man at Marvel and The Black Tiger for Beyond Time Comics, a graphic novel, War Of The Worlds, and more. Also over the years Arne has created numerous promotional art for a multitude of conventions featuring the main guests of each of those cons. And now in LA, he has been working on concept drawings and storyboards for a few companies as well. Working on Trek Comics led to Arne's becoming a regular guest at Star Trek and media conventions as well as a few Sci-Fi based radio programs. His Hollywood connections with major studios provide him with "teasers," trailers, and behind-the-scenes pieces to present at conventions to delight the fans, as well as bringing all those wonderful giveaway goodies the studios provide.Arne became an actor due to his association with Star Trek - performing in staged radio plays with Bill Campbell and John de Lancie at various conventions, which grew into full-blown radio plays on the bi-annual SeaTrek cruises. The late Mark Lenard ("Sarek," Spock's father) noticed Arne and brought him into his Masters Acting Class in New York. Arne won parts in six different plays during the first year he began auditioning - the lead in Sunshine Boys, stand-in lead Anatoly in the musical Chess, the bellhop in Lend Me a Tenor, other roles in Arsenic in Old Lace and Singing in the Rain and various parts in Showcases from Mark's studio. Moving from Connecticut to Florida he played leads in the Neil Simon play, I Ought to be in Pictures, then the male lead in the play "Social Security," "Speed" in The "Odd Couple" and has also been in about a half dozen films out of the Full Sail film school in Winter Park, FL. Now an LA area resident, he has done a couple of independent films and works many a show. He plays an Attending Physician on Grey's Anatomy (who was recently and conveniently named "Arne" on the air), A Crab Shack regular on My Name Is Earl, a detective on Medium and CSI NY, a townie on Jericho, and artist in an ad agency circa 1960 (typecasting) on Mad Men, a hit man on Bones and has been on various shows like Desperate Housewives, Brothers And Sisters, The Unit, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Gilmore Girls, Six Feet Under, Big Shots and many more running around the background. Also he's worked many a film like being a survivor in Spielberg's War Of The Worlds, a Montreal Judge in Blades of Glory, NY Nets on-air announcer in Semi-Pro, A rich business guy partying and a bus rider in Iron Man (though Dubai was cut in the final version), running around Mission City streets in Transformers, and as Robin Hood in I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry. Other films include The Changling, Spider-man 3, License To Wed, Get Smart, Crossing Over, The Holiday, Valley Of Light, World Trade Center, You Don't Mess With The Zohan, Yes Man, Hancock, G-Force, Man In The Chair, There Will Be Blood, Hotel For Dogs, Bedtime Stories and others.
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