Brad Harris

Birth name:
Bradford Harris
Date of Birth:
16 July 1933 St. Anthony, Idaho, USA
5' 11" (1.80 m)
Born in St. Anthony, a small town in eastern Idaho, Bradford Harris attended UCLA in the early 1950s where he played fullback on the football team while studying economics. His studies may have been intended as the groundwork for a career in his family's banking interests but Harris instead drifted into the fringes of Los Angeles' movie business where he began to do stunt work. In the late 1950s he traveled to Europe as the stunt co-ordinator for a German-Italian co-production. Soon he found himself working as a second-unit director and that led to a starring role in 1960's "Goliath Against the Giants." Harris's good looks and muscular build kept him in demand during the era of "sword and sandal" movies and when this fad began to fade, he moved into "spaghetti westerns" and various kinds of action movies with an emphasis on spy thrillers. In 1967, he married actress Olinka Berova.