Cassie Steele photo

Cassie Steele

Birth name:
Cassandra Rae Steele
Date of Birth:
2 December 1989 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
5' 3" (1.60 m)
Miss Cassandra Rae Steele was born on December 2, 1989 in Canada. At the young age of 8, she was very hard-working, and busy training for over 14 hours a week for gymnastics. This all changed when she wasn't able to attend classes due to transportation issues. On the bright side, she started acting classes, which she loved. In 1999 Cassie started to seek auditions for roles in commercials, television shows, and movies. After being cast for several commercials, one of them being for the preteen game "Fib-Finder", she landed her first role as Young Syndy in the series the "Relic Hunter". Soon after that, she landed another role as Manny Santos in the "Degrassi: The Next Generation" (2001) series on CTV.Cassie also enjoys various sports such as football and basketball; dancing hip-hop and jazz, martial arts, lessons in guitar, skating, swimming, and singing. She finished working on an album of her own, "How Much for Happy", which came out in the United States in July 2005.
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