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Christopher Ashe

Birth name:
George Christopher Ashe
Date of Birth:
28 November 1981 Arlington, Texas, USA
6' 2" (1.88 m)
Christopher Ashe was born in Arlington, Texas on November 28, 1981 to parents Linda and Greg. He is the youngest of two children, the other being a sister, Heather. Christopher knew from an early age that he wanted to pursue a career in acting, as he couldn't stomach the thought of having a "real" job. At an early age, his grandmother, affectionately known as 'April', even though that wasn't her name at all, informed him that his ancestors were successful Vaudevillian performers. Soon thereafter, Christopher had convinced April that he posessed alarming psychic abilities... able to make a toothpick, placed in the center of a bowl of water, move to the side of said bowl, using nothing but his extraordinary mind. As it turns out, Christopher was merely blowing on the toothpick... though, if you know April, he would appreciate it if you wouldn't tell her quite yet. To him, it gets funnier by the year. Unfortunately, tragedy struck the Ashe household soon before Christopher's 13th birthday with the death of his father, Greg. It would take Christopher many years to come to terms with that occurance, and the effects would be felt for years. Notably, Christopher, who had been a good student, lost all interest in his schoolwork, and instead, decided to pierce his left ear, to fall in line with Officer Tom Hanson (Johnny Depp) from the syndicated hit show '21 Jump Street.' The rest of Christopher's educationial years are fuzzy at best, but it is worth mentioning that he was always in Theater and Drama classes throughout high school, and often was cast for lead roles in the school's productions... however, due to poor grades, he was (effectively) never eligable to perform. After graduating in the top 60% of his class, he was somehow accepted to the University of North Texas. He thought it wise to live off-campus and to pledge an independent fraternity, the Delta Lodge, which was based on the classic movie 'Animal House.' Though it seemed like a perfectly good idea at the time, it would be a recipe for failure. Christopher's days at UNT would yield nothing but a wrecked 1987 Nissan 300ZX and a hangover that would last two years. Just when it looked like Christopher was going to end up slicing lunch meat for the rest of his life, he got a little sunshine in his life, in the way of a $25,000 inheritance. According to Christopher's calculations, this would be enough money to move out to Los Angeles and pursue a career in acting. But, he didn't figure into the equation the fact that he was irresponsible with money, and had soon spent the entire inheritance on... well, something. To this day, Christopher couldn't tell you where that money went, but he can tell you he made a lot of really good friends, who has remained his friends for as long as he had the money. Two months. Then, back to the drawing board. Long story short, Christopher now lives in Los Angeles, where he curses the traffic on a daily basis and has fantasies of living in Montana and having a 'real' life. He is happy. The newest addition to Christopher's household is a Flying Squirrel, yet unnamed.
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