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Dan Di Julio

Birth name:
Danilo Alessandro Di Julio
Date of Birth:
29 April 1971 Rochester, New York, USA
6' (1.83 m)
Born Danilo Alessandro Di Julio to mother Carol Ann Bellmore (maiden name) and father Nevio Di Julio in Rochester, New York during just a four year period that his family actually lived in the United States. Danilo's family returned to Canada, where they had previously lived and during which time his siblings Paul John (eldest brother), Nevin Antonio and Stephanie Ann were born in Sault Ste. Marie, Montreal and Montreal respectively. He has another sister Audrea and another brother (both younger) from his father's second marriage. Danilo is the father to a son, Thomas Daniel, who he considers his motivation and biggest blessing in life (from a seven year relationship with his first true love Michelle).Danny, as he was called in his youth, group up primarily in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and Lennox Island, Prince Edward Island an Indian reserve. He attended Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary, Hernwood Jr. Highschool and Westile Composite Highschool. As a young boy and teenager Danilo always chose to look at the bright side of life even through some difficult times. When he was in grade 10 his mother came to pick him up after school on the way to a family dinner and when she asked for him his grade 10 gym teacher responded, "You mean effervescent Dan!", due to his never quit attitude in everything he attempted.After high school Danilo enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces and served for three years with the Royal Canadian Dragoons as a tank gunner and patrolling expert. He qualified as a sharpshooter on the personal weapon (C-8 equivalent of the US M-4), was a top shot with his tank (always ranked among the top three gunners in his regimental competitions). Danilo also served in the Scarlets (the regimental Honor guard) and was a member of the Special Service Forces (SSF) rappel team. Following a three year tour of duty he was given an honorable release and began to pursue two fields he had always been interested in Acting and Football. The first time Danilo put on football pads he was 22 years old but this didn't stop him from walking on at Syracuse University for the then Orangemen at 24 years of age in 1995. That was the first year for starter Donovan McNabb who Danilo would later say was the best QuarterBack he'd ever been around. Danilo returned to Canada after making the team in an effort to try and mend his ailing relationship with his son's mother. He continued to play Semi-Pro football for 9 years and was involved in six semifinals and was a member of 2 Championship teams.During his athletic pursuits Danilo was also renewing his long lost love of acting. His first play was the wizard when he was 10 years old and he was bitten by the acting bug and didn't even know it. He performed in plays in Junior and Senior Highschool. He actually led the troop sketch comedy routines during his basic training graduation party. However, it would be three years of gunning tanks, patrolling through forests, jumping from helicopters and parading in front of Prince Charles and Princess Diana as well as the Queen of the Netherlands before Danilo would feel that acting bug bite again. After leaving the military he was a ship without a course but began his pursuit of the only two things he felt he could dedicate himself wholeheartedly to. The pursuit of his bliss has led him from Guelph University's dramatic program where he has fond memories of Professors Bruce Koenig and his favorite Prof Edna Hartmann as well as all the faculty that positively affected him. From there Danilo had another try at reuniting his young fragile family and left behind his acting goals once again but that ended in his final split with Michelle. In late 1998 Danilo moved to Toronto, Ontario to reignite his professional acting career. In 2000 after a tough 3 years plus of struggling to build his resume and gain experience in films and television as well as commercials Danilo began to seriously consider a move to Los Angeles. A week before he planned to leave he landed a National commercial which helped him gain apprentice status in ACTRA the Canadian professional actors' union. Over the next year Danilo continued to struggle but continually landed more and more jobs on American network television programs, commercials and gained the confidence to make the move Stateside. In the fall of 2001 Danilo visited Santa Monica, California to see if he would like it. He did and planned to return home, collect his things and immediately move to California to begin his career in earnest, however, fate intervened. One day before he returned to Canada his father Nevio was hospitalized and underwent double bypass surgery, so he decided to care for him during his recovery.An audition for the ABC movie "Gilda Radner: It's Always Something", resulted in landing the then biggest gig of his young career. Following that great experience he was as inspired as he ever had been and over the next few months landed over a dozen solid acting jobs including working in "Tony and Tina's Wedding" at Second City Toronto, one of Dan Aykroyd's old stomping grounds. All of this raised his profile with Casting Directors to the point where some previously closed doors suddenly opened and he continued to build his resume and gain valuable experience. Danilo also spent an hour a day six days a week watching episodes of "Inside the Actors Studio" which impressed upon him the fact that every performer has to walk their own path. In the fall of 2002 after a falling out with his agent Danilo moved to Los Angeles to begin the long hard climb in Hollywood. The next year and a half was and emotional blender of losing his father to cancer, then splitting with his girlfriend of two and a half years back in Toronto, then blowing the ACL in his right knee - all the while missing his son desperately and receiving no positive response from the Agents and Managers of LA. During the Christmas holidays in 2005 while visiting with his mother and son in Quebec, Danilo began to recover from the cloudy hangover of losing his Father and the frustration of the industry's slamming doors. He returned to LA in January of 2006, "Feeling seven feet tall again!" Danilo had refocused his attention on how he had succeeded in Toronto before he had an agent. Within a few months of returning to LA he had landed three professional acting jobs and then signed with Zanuck, Passon & Pace an agency out of Sherman Oaks. Though things have since been slow going with his agency he has continued to find himself auditions through the numerous online casting services and his perseverance. Di Julio has landed seven professional acting jobs over the course of 5 months since rededicating himself and is currently seeking Management.
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