Dominique DuVernay

Birth name:
Dominique Victoria DuVernay
Date of Birth:
20 April 1989 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
5' 4½" (1.64 m)
Dominique DuVernay was born in New Orleans, Louisiana to single mother Althea Tucker and absentee father Charles DuVernay. She has one younger sister 7 years her junior named Thea Tucker. Dominique, her mom, and sister moved around quite often, almost every few months. She's lived in numerous places in Louisiana and between ages 7 and 15, she and her family moved back and forth between numerous places in southern Louisiana, mainly New Orleans and northern California, mainly the Bay Area. Dominique was always an excellent student in school and she was always interested in the arts since a young age but they never had the stability or means for her to accomplish these goals. In high school, she was able to be in a play, join the drama club, do cheerleading, and dance team. Upon completion of high shool in 2007, she has put a hold on college to attain her dreams of acting and has since then been a few movies and a television show.