Ellen Woglom photo

Ellen Woglom

Birth name:
Ellen Davis Woglom
Date of Birth:
18 April 1987 USA
5' 6" (1.68 m)
Ellen grew up all over the place. Originally she was born in Nashville, Tennessee. However her parent's business allowed for a lot of traveling so she later she moved to Vermont, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and now Los Angeles. She grew up on a farm and competitively rode horses until an injury caused her to take another route, Hollywood. Originally she was supposed to be attending UCLA for theater but work forced her to make a decision, and knowing that school would always be there and that perhaps she'd learn a lot about life and growing up in the real world, she took a chance, only to return to school at a later date with a better understanding of what she would like to gain from it.Ellen has one biological brother who is currently a student as USC and three step siblings. she considers her brother one of her best friends and biggest fans, close in age they have a wonderful friendship. When she first arrived to LA she found herself missing her animals at home so she got a puppy, which she named Norma, to keep her company in the big city.
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