Guile Branco photo

Guile Branco

Birth name:
Guilherme Branco Freitas
Date of Birth:
17 June 1979 São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
5' 11" (1.80 m)
Born in Brazil and raised in Santa Barbara, California until he was five years old, Guile Branco discovered early in his life show business was his passion. Both his parents are Brazilian, his father a marine biologist and his mother, a speech therapist.Guile Branco is an actor in Los Angeles, but started his acting career when he was seventeen years old and living in Brazil. In the pursuit of his dreams, he dropped out of law school at eighteen and became a working actor soon after(2000).After getting his drama degree and studying with the famous Brazilian actor and filmmaker known as "Coffin Joe", he acted in as many as twenty professional plays and appearing in many national level soap operas and TV series for Globo, SBT and Record (The top three television broadcast leaders in Brazil).Still in Brazil, Guile eventually came to write, produce, direct, and star in "Two Destinies" (2001), a play that still runs today in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Guile Branco moved to New York City in 2003 and there acted in more then twenty independent films. In pursuit of a dream, he made choices to be away from family and friends to adopt a new life and friends.In 2006 he produced and starred in a newer version of the play "Two Destinies". It was produced as an Equity Showcase Off-Broadway play in Manhattan and it enjoyed great success. In 2007, Guile Branco moved to Los Angeles, and soon after, Guile produced and starred in the bodybuilding documentary "Why We Train", which won 2 Awards for Best Documentary and premiered in Los Angeles, Miami and Honolulu.In 2010, Guile landed a national commercial for Capital One, a lead role on the TV series "1000 Ways to Die" and starred in the NBC show "Match-Off".
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