Jon Morgan Woodward

Birth name:
Jonathan Morgan Woodward
Date of Birth:
18 December 1955 Vancouver, Washington, USA
5' 8" (1.73 m)
Jon Woodward was born Jonathan Morgan Woodward in Vancouver Washington. Using Jon as his stage name until the late 80s when he went back to using primarily Jonathan. Jon, was a very popular character actor in the 60s and through the 70s some of his most well-known performances however are those that were done through television commercials. In the 60s he played that adorable little child who would drag the bag of dog food across the floor to feed the dog. In the 70s when he was the national spokesman for 2 1/2 years for national glass and sat up in the corner of your television screen and sold the world on adding mirrors over their beds and in their living rooms to reflect the light off of the cities at night. After growing up graduating high school and going to college John did spotty work off and on throughout the years in the 80s he became very involved with both the just say no to drug campaign, with the White House conference for drug-free America doing television commercials with Nancy Reagan and the like, telling us to just say no to drugs. He was the creator of the television commercial which the actor would hold an egg in one hand saying this is my brain, than cracking the egg and dropping it into a frying pan and saying this is my brain on drugs. Along the way, John had gotten married and had children. Received his Ph.D. and practice in the area of mental health for many years.In the 90s again Jon dabbled in the areas of television commercials and then in 1999 he had the opportunity to play the part of one of the doctors in the movie Night Ride Home. This was the 200th Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. Starring Rebecca De Mornay, Keith Carradine and Thora Birch. Since that time, with the business back in his blood Jon has been positioning himself for a comeback. Jon has five children and two grandchildren and many people can't believe that he's actually old enough to have children let alone grandchildren. One of the outstanding characteristics that Jon was able to portray was the ability to look and act very young or much older he's been a very versatile entertainer. Some of the best areas that Jon has shown his greatest ability in. Is when he does comedy both on film and stage. The ability of being a stand up comedian is just another outstanding quality of his. Jon has always been able to easily switch from comedy to drama that matches the ability of any of the great stars.Along with acting John has also done a tremendous amount of directing both on stage and in the area of television commercials. When he was directing in theater he worked with a number of small theater companies in producing and directing some of the best off-Broadway theater in the 70s there was. He directed the outstanding comedy drama that was also rewritten to have a musical Overtown, I'll be home for Christmas. He also directed Mr. Scrooge finds Christmas which starred Patti page as Mrs. cratchit. Then again in the 70s he also produced Neil Simon's incredible play Plaza suite off-Broadway. After that still working with some of the best theater production companies, Jon was the co-producer and director of the incredible old-time favorite Curse You Jack Daulton. The musical score was written and directed by David Lee. He also helped produce the off-Broadway production of Catch-22 and incredible theatrical success. Many of the plays that he directed or help produce received incredible reviews.
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