Jon Polito photo

Jon Polito

Birth name:
John Polito
Date of Birth:
29 December 1950 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
5' 9" (1.75 m)
A veteran of over 100 films, Jon Polito is most recognized for his work with The Coen brothers, as well as his many television appearances as a series regular and guest star. Notable Motion Picture roles are in Millers Crossing, Barton Fink, The Man Who Wasn't There, The Crow, Blankman, and The Freshman with Marlon Brando. On Television he starred as a series regular on Crime Story, Ohara, Hearts are Wild, The Chronical, and the critically acclaimed Homicide, Life on the Street. Notable guest star roles include the befuddled landlord Sylvio on Seinfeld, and his only role as a woman, Rhonda, on The Chris Isaak Show. He starred on Broadway with Faye Dunaway in The Curse Of An Aching Heart and with Dustin Hoffman in the 1985 Tony award winning revival of Death Of A Salesman, which he also filmed for CBS. He received the Best Actor OBIE award for Off Broadway theater in 1980. Other awards include the 2001 TELLY for animation voice over in The Dancing Pumpkin which was directed by his brother Jack Polito, The New York Independent Festival Award for Excellence in Acting, and the 2005 Cinequest Maverick Award for his body of work in Film and Television. He credits his success to three people, his mentor Dominic Garvey, his only acting teacher Irene Baird, and a great director and friend, Paul Bettis.
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