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Jordan Janceski

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
19 March 1980 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
5' 8Ā½" (1.74 m)
Jordan Janceski is from a Macedonian background and at the age of seventeen, he started to train at Melbourne's "Academy of TV". He obtained his diploma that year and signed up with Sundance Actor's Management in May the following year. During this period, he was studying at University of Technology, Victoria and in 2002 majored in Molecular Genetics and Psychology. Throughout the years he has appeared as a regular extra on the Australian prime time soap, "Neighbours", in which he has portrayed different extra and featured extra work. He had worked along side Eric Bana and Vince Collosimo, in the 2000 production "Chopper". He also starred along side Jensen Ackles and Poppy Montgomery in the 2001 American TV mini-series "Blonde". Other work ranges from kids television shows, to live television show. Back in September of 2007, he appeared as an interviewee on the seven production, "The Morning Show" hosted by Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies. Throughout his acting career he has met a lot of Australian actors and actresses ranging from Holly Valance, Delta Goodrem, Alan Fletcher (who plays Dr. Karl Kennedy on Neighbours). Jordan has had a workshop with Alan back in 1998 in which he had to play a difficult scene. Alan portrayed the male while he had to portray a female, as there were not enough females in the group. It taught him a lot and the physical contact (i.e. hand movements) really boosted his confidence. Associate Producer, Jan Russ from Neighbours has also been a guest speaker on two occasions. Jordan has learnt a lot from her. Jordan also did done modeling in 1999 where he had to perform the catwalk in front of agents and over 1000 people. He did this without any problem and simply loved it. His Theatrical Production directed by Chris Connerley was a major boost for Jordan's confidence. He recited two monologues and had to improvise a lot as well. The production went off without a hitch and it was a great success.Apart from acting, he went to primary school at Thomastown West P.S. in Melbourne, Victoria. He then completed his high schooling and V.C.E at Thomastown Secondary College. This then led him to his university studies but acting was always in his heart. He lived in Thomastown for 26 years but recently shifted to the other side of the city in which he has resided for three years.At the moment Jordan continues to study acting and writes Screenplays. He has written two, to date and is on his third. He is also writing a novel and hopes to get it published in the near future. Jordan works full-time at Newslink in Melbourne Airport.He always states that his main objective in life is to meet individuals that he has idolised and used for his personal acting training. He met, Drake Hogestyn, and Larry Emdur who are two on his list but he hopes that his future allows him to further meet his other main idols including; Hugh Jackman, Patrick Swayze, Grant Show, Tom Cruise, and Jason Priestley as they all have a way of acting that is evident similar. He wants to see the "real personality" behind these faces.
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