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Larry Garrison, president of SilverCreek Entertainment/executive producer/journalist/actor/author, has worked with major news shows. He is affiliated with ABC news, Aol/Time Warner news, CBS News, NBC news, Fox news, MSNBC and CNN. He has been a correspondent to the White House, and has produced and interviewed on-camera over 1000 major sweeps stories. A partial list of the shows includes: "20/20", "60 Minutes", "Extra", "Larry King Live", "48 Hours", "E-Entertainment News", "PrimeTime", "Date Line", "Good Morning America" "Greta"/Fox news, and "Rita Cosby"/MSNBC. Larry co-executive produced the Sante Kimes story for CBS starring Mary Tyler Moore, and his book on the subject won an EDGAR. The most recent achievement is that he co-authored the New York Times best seller "Aruba: The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise,"released April 11, 2006 by Nelson Current with Dave Holloway and R.Stephanie Good. Larry is in development on a film and book entitled "Son of the Oklahoma Bomber," dealing with Josh Nichols father's actions in the Oklahoma Bombing." Larry is also developing a feature film on General Thomas P. Stafford, who was the commander of the Moon landing, and is a true American hero. Larry's autobiography entitled "The NewsBreaker" was released September 12, 2006 and it will encompass his 25 years producing films, books, and news stories on some of the hottest stories of the century.
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