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Lauren Dair Owens

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4' 10" (1.47 m)
Lauren Dair Owens was born in Anchorage, Alaska. At an early age she showed an interest in music and instruments. Lauren started taking piano at the age of 5 and started vocal lessons at age 7. Lauren auditioned and got lead parts in several productions. Her real interest in Acting blossomed the summer she turned 8 and went to LA to attend an acting camp. Out of over 200 kids at the camp who went to audition for a feature film, Lauren received her first call back (with no head shots or resume). From there, she knew that Acting was something she wanted to pursue. By the age of 9, multiple instructors in Alaska were taking notice and recommended that Lauren go to LA to pursue acting. In addition to returning to the summer camp, where multiple industry professionals were interested in signing her.When Lauren turned 10 years old she began spending 4-6 months a year auditioning in LA. She began to appear in short films and continued to work on her music, recording 6 original songs. At the age of 12, Lauren continues to entertain. She has finished the 4th song on her EP (all songs were co-written by Lauren). She continues to audition and has appeared on Cartoon Network and recently shot a pilot called Kids Quest. Kids Quest is a cross between iCarly and an Reality Adventure Show such as The Last Great Race.Lauren has her goals set to book a movie, continue to record and write her Alternative Rock Style music and attend UCLA.
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