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Internationally recognized Flamenco artist and master teacher Leticia 'La Canela' Jimenez started her studies in ballet, classical Spanish dance, and flamenco in La Academia Arte Espanol, Texas at the young age 4.It didn't take her long to find her true calling as a skilled choreographer, producer and director of the Flamenco arts. Thus began her love of performance!She continued her studies in Spain with world renowned artists such as Ciro, Paco Romero, Cristobal Reyes, Eva "La Yerbabuena", La China, Domingo Ortega, Manolo Marin, Farruquito to name just a few.She has taught workshops, classes, choreographed and has been invited as a featured artist for various companies throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, England, Canada, Scotland, Mexico and Spain.She has also toured with various theatrical companies such as "Flamenco Confusion" in Montreal, Vancouver (as the choreographer and lead) and others such as Antonio Santaella's "Lamento por Federico Garcia Lorca" and "Julia de Burgos en Flamenco" in Bellas Artes in Puerto Rico.She has starred in various festivals and theaters across the country and around the world working as a performer and choreographer. As a guest artist she has performed at the Epcot Center in Walt Disney World for their food and wine festival and at Sea World of Orlando, for "Viva la Musica".Leticia's unique style of blending modern rhythms of musical influences from all over the world combined with classical techniques has made her a sought after commodity and a true master of the Flamenco arts.She has been performing for close to 20 years and now she has taken her passion for dance and transformed it into a up and coming career in the film industry ...
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