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Louise Linton

Birth name:
Louise Rachel Hay
Date of Birth:
5' 7" (1.70 m)
Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Louise was quick to take to the stage with her first title role in 'Hiawatha' at age six. Immediately dedicating herself to the craft she began studying privately under British coaches Cheryl Goodwin and Nicki Tait-with whom she would train for the next several years. After conquering a string of stage roles during her childhood, she went on to attend the prestigious Edinburgh Drama Academy and later earned the coveted Honors Award from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.After Louise graduated from Fettes College, a Scottish boarding school in the heart of Edinburgh, she left for Zambia, Africa where she served as a missionary for six months amidst erupting Congolese civil warfare.Immediately after this adventure, Louise turned her focus in a westerly direction and moved to Los Angeles. Directing her energies on studying acting, she racked up an artillery of training from the film industry's most respected coaches.In January 2007, Louise landed her first major ad campaign, for Nepia-Tokyo which has propelled her to nationwide recognition in Japan.Immediately following this, Louise filmed her first lead role in an independent comedy, Banking on Love, which will be released in Fall 2008. Having won the funny-girl role and her SAG card, Louise signed with her first agent, and within one week, booked a guest-star on CSI: NY. One week later Robert Redford cast her in a small role in the controversial United Artists film, "Lions for Lambs", starring Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep. Close on the heels of this, Louise booked a principle role in the Roy Lee horror film, "The Echo" starring Jessy Bradford which is set to be released in fall 2008.Linton has most recently joined the cast of indie comedy "The Wiffler" opposite Ross Patterson. Pic takes the form of a mockumentary and follows the fall of the world's best wiffleball player.
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