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Born and raised in Victoria, Canada, the son of a race horse trainer and a civil servant, Marcus Hondro came to acting only after playing the drums in blues bands for many years (he recorded two albums in the 80's). He plays great weirdos and creeps, such as 'Biggie' in the Chris Carter series "Harsh Realm" (1999) or the oddball lawyer Darryl Shadely in the movie Tail Lights Fade (1999). While he does get to play what he calls "more normal people" he admits to enjoying the weird guys the most. In both 2002 and 2003 he was nominated for a Jessie, Vancouver's professional theatre awards. Favourite theatre roles include playing the comically sleazy Owen Musser in Larry Shue's play 'The Foreigner' and a Metis trapper in the Canadian play 'Wawatay'. Hondro also writes and has written scripts for television, performed in his own plays and is a published short story writer. He continues to be a member of the well known improv comedy company, The Vancouver Theatre Sports League. Marcus has one child, a son, born in 2001.
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