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Mark Pirro

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1956 Batavia, New York, USA
Quoting from the popular news program, Hard Copy, Mark Pirro, and his production company Pirromount Pictures, practically made Hollywood history with his 1983 feature comedy, A Polish Vampire in Burbank. Shot for the unbelievable budget of $2500, the feature went on to make back over a million dollars in home video and cable television distribution. It played on USA network for two years in the early 90s, distinguishing it as the most inexpensive feature film to ever play on that network.Pirro went on to produce several other low budget wonders, some on budgets less than $500, like his 1998 comedy "Color-Blinded," which went on to win three awards.So far, the most recent of Pirro's work is the 2009 satirical Biblical semi-epic, The God Complex, which Pirro boasts is the "official rejection" of some of the most prestigious film festivals around, like Cannes and Sundance. Produced on a budget of less than $1000, The God Complex goes beyond anything Pirromount has ever produced before. It also comes with its own merchandising in the form of a talking Jesus head (the Submissive Jesus) which answers your prayers with the twist of his crown.
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