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Martin William Harris

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
15 August 1977 Wroclaw, Poland
6' 1" (1.85 m)
Martin William Harris - Upcoming and versatile actor, who came to Hollywood in the spring of 2008 and immediately made a debut on the big screen. After more than a decade of successful career as a sports writer and sports broadcaster, he decided to follow his passion towards movies. Harris started with cameos with blockbuster "Angels and Demons", as well as major independent films "Pete Smalls is Dead" and "Brand Dead", where he portrayed US President Bill Clinton. He got his first major part in artistic feature "Violent Blue". Hired originally as a day player with one page of dialogue, has impressed director Gregory Hatanaka to the point that he decided to rewrite the script while filming. Martin's character became of the biggest supporting roles in the film, which goes to Sundance and Cannes festivals. Hatanaka also wrote for Harris his next film "Mr Polishman", giving him the only lead role in this project. He has continued his growth as an actor showing good comedy timing in "Screening Room" and playing German agent Wilhelm in "Noirland". He has to learn Italian for role of Alfonso in "Caravaggio: The Search". He also had live performance in Washington D.C(beautiful set in Air&Space Museum) as a lead role KGB Agent in Steve Readmond's "Budapest 1956". Harris has learned his acting craft mainly in the famous Stella Adler Studio in Los Angeles. Then he also studied with Vincent Chase, Bernard Hiller, Bobbie Chance, Shari Shaw and Sal Landi, his present coach. Finds Ron Burrus, Christopher Thornton and Landi the most inspirational teachers. Acting is for Martin "reflection of life, so every character needs to be truthful and vivid". It also need to be ego-less, true challenge for actor is to stay humble, stay focus and 100 per cent dedicated to his character. He is big fan of sports, especially soccer and basketball, loves reading books, travels, architecture and music. Loyal Lakers fan. You can find him in Staples Center in almost every home game. His father Jan is well known professor of History of Arts. Has one sister, 17-years old Malgorzata, a violin player.
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