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Michael McGrady

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6' 2" (1.88 m)
Michael McGrady is a familiar face from his numerous roles on television and in film. He starred opposite Taye Diggs in the ABC series "Day Break," had recurring roles on "24," "The Riches," and "CSI: Miami," and has had countless guest-star appearances including "Prison Break," "Leverage," "The Mentalist," "Big Love," and "Bones." Of his many film roles, the most asked about found him starring as Lou Gehrig opposite John Goodman in "The Babe," as Larry Fortensky in "Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story" and as boxer John Shanssey, who was the best friend of Kevin Costner's Wyatt Earp.McGrady is married to fitness trainer, Ilka, whom he met while filming on location in Germany. He is the proud dad to three children from his first marriage and coaches his son's soccer, football, and baseball teams.When not on set, McGrady can usually be found in or around his trailer painting. Michael is a well-regarded fine artist whose work is currently represented in several galleries across the country. When not filming, he is most often outdoors on a sailboat, playing sports, or hang gliding on a three-hour flight over beautiful Santa Barbara. It's all about lifestyle, health and balance for this self-described "fishetarian" and cancer survivor.
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