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Michael Ray Reed

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25 May 1974 St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Michael Ray Reed began in the entertainment industry as a physique model, traveled to New York for competition and while there got the bug for performance arts. Upon returning to his hometown St. Louis, Missouri, he made his first attempt at film acting. Landing the lead role in the first film audition he went on, he quickly grew to be a name in the independent film community of St. Louis. Having a larger than life drive, Reed became frustrated with the quality of film scripts that were coming across his table so he did what many actors in history have done, he wrote, produced, directed, edited, and starred in his own films as a means of telling good stories, gaining interest in his performances and proving that it can be done with almost no funding. Michael moved to L.A. in 2004 and started fresh at the bottom of the food chain once again. As a union performer the competition was stiff, and though the occasional job would come in there was plenty of free time to take up writing once again. Since then, Michael has directed various short films and written several feature length screenplays that are gaining attention in the land of Hollywood. Reed has participated in a great deal of production, both in-front-of and behind the camera since his move to Los Angeles, and the name Michael Ray Reed is soon to be as much of a catch in the film capital of the world as it was in the mid-west.
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