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Nicole Rayburn

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
San Francisco, California, USA
5' 5" (1.65 m)
Nicole Rayburn stands out as one of the most talented and beautiful young actresses in cinema today. Rayburn was born in San Francisco to a military family stationed at Travis Air Force Base. She did not stay there long; as, the Rayburn's were always packing up their car with the dogs, cats, birds, and all their belongings, and, moving from city to city. Mostly, they lived and traveled in the south. When Rayburn was in 5th grade, somewhere in Georgia, she had to choose between studying bells or violin in an orchestra class. Rayburn chose the violin. This was the beginning of Rayburn's artistic endeavors. Impressed by her flair for music and anything having to do with performing, Rayburn's parents and teachers encouraged more study of the arts. She began dancing, drawing and acting in school plays. Before long, Rayburn joined the cheerleading squad at one of her schools, somewhere in one of the Carolinas. Finally, when she was a teenager, the Rayburn's settled in Titusville, Florida. Nic (short for Nicole) continued to pursue her passion for dancing and cheerleading. Rayburn worked at a motorcycle shop after school and began riding motorbikes at a very young age. It was on a trip to Miami Beach, at the age of eighteen, when Rayburn was spotted on the street by a casting director. Immediately Rayburn was cast in numerous music videos, one after another, Ricky Martin, Pink, Gloria Estefan and NSYNC, to name a few. She began to dream of a career in movies and of Hollywood. Packing her bags and heading for a new city was nothing new to Rayburn. It just so happened that her Uncle John needed some help on his bird breeding farm in Buellton, California. Nic began her journey to Hollywood, via Buellton, home of the famous Anderson's Pea Soup. It was here that Rayburn learned how to breed birds, large and small, including Macaws and Finches. As fate has it, within a year of Rayburn's arrival, Uncle John sold the farm, birds and all. So, Nic boarded a train and headed for Hollywood. She quickly landed a waitress job and stayed at a Motel 6 in Hollywood, California. As soon as she saved up enough money, Rayburn began intensive acting classes. Before long her talent and sensual beauty led to numerous starring roles in independent films, including, Kisses and Caroms, Boo!, Candy Stripers and Blur. Today, she resides and is settled in Los Angeles where she just purchased her first house.
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