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Paul Christie

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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
6' (1.83 m)
Paul was born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada. He spent a considerable amount of time as a teenager traveling North America as an athlete. After a career ending knee injury, Paul switched gears and headed off to school. He studied finance and marketing at the University of Calgary. Always in search of some form of adventure he lightened his serious class load in statistics, economics and accounting by filling his electives with drama and film related classes.Over the course of his education, Paul went on to volunteer with local filmmaking collectives, played parts in University theatre productions and volunteered on independent film sets. He took a hiatus from business school between his third and fourth year in order to do an Internship with one of Western Canada's foremost production companies. He completed the Canadian Film and Television Production Association Production Management program under the guidance of veteran producers, Tom Cox, Doug MacLeod and Jordy Randall at Alberta Filmworks.In and around the same time, Paul booked his first job as an actor. He worked for two weeks as Owen Wilson's stand-in on "High Noon" starring Jackie Chan. This is when his interest in the film and television industry took hold. After working in a variety of regional and national commercials as well as landing a guest starring role in a Canadian series, Paul had enough money in his pockets to move to New York in the summer of 2001 to study Meisner at the renowned Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre.After a life changing experience in New York, Paul returned to Business School determined to have a career in the film industry. With a year and a half left in his studies, he couldn't wait to get things going. He graduated with Honours in the spring of 2002 and returned to his hometown of Winnipeg, after having won a $25,000 prize at the Banff International Television Festival to produce and direct his first short film titled "Eugene". Paul delivered the film to Corus Entertainment in 2003 and it went to air on the Scream Network and Movieola in Canada.A trip to Ottawa and a visit to Parliament Hill in 2004 saw Paul participate as a speaker at the Prime Time Forum for the Canadian Film and Television Production Association. He was selected amongst his peers to represent the 'next generation' of Producers in Canada and spoke about the challenges inherent in developing a successful career as a producer. He spent the afternoon having lunch with notable Canadian Producer Ivan Reitman as well as the Chief Executives of Canada's Broadcast Networks.While in Ottawa, Paul was presented with an opportunity to work as an Associate Producer on the then new Canadian series titled "Corner Gas" in Regina. Faced with a difficult decision, Paul instead decided to take a job with a production company in his hometown called Frantic Films. He worked under the guidance of veteran producer Jamie Brown as a business affairs analyst, line producer and production manager for the company. His producing responsibilities saw him overseeing 13 episodes of a prime time series for Global Television that shot on location in the Caribbean. The series starred Entertainment Tonight personality Cheryl Hickey. Despite the opportunities presented to him with the company, Paul's interests in acting inspired him to leave his hometown to try his luck in front of the camera.Now based in Vancouver, Paul has found work as an actor in a variety of projects over the years. His professional engagements include starring, support and principal roles in the following; "The Wild Roses" (CBC), "Eureka" (NBC-Universal), "The Lookout" (Disney), "The Protégé" (Lifetime), "Stargate: SG1" (Space), "Killer Bash" (CHUM), "Falcon Beach" (Global), "Winnie the Bear" (CBC), "The Shields Stories" (W Network), "The Crooked E" (CBS), "Seven Times Lucky" (Odeon), "Cowboys and Indians" (CBC), "Tornado Warning" (PAX), "The Battle of Mary Kay" (CBS), "Myth Quest" (CBC) and others.Paul continues to study with many of Vancouver's top acting coaches and has recently started studying with renowned coach Larry Moss from Los Angeles.Paul has further pursued his filmmaking ambitions by producing the Director's Guild of Canada award winning film "L'Oiseau Mort" which has played at festivals around the world. He has also written two feature films to date; "The Northern League" and "A Father Lost" which are presently in development, as well as a One-Hour Drama series titled "Spin".
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