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Peter Shinkoda

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Peter Shinkoda, originally from Montreal, is an actor based between Los Angeles and Vancouver. After having studied Civil Engineering at the University of Western Ontario and Post Production for Film and Television at UCLA Peter decided to focus on his acting and put his then job as an assistant film editor on hold. Since then Peter has consistently worked as an actor in projects such as John Woo's "Paycheck", "I,Robot" and most recently "WAR". He is appreciative to have worked alongside the likes of Will Smith, Ben Affleck and Jet Li, but feels that hosting Filminute International Film Festival has also been exciting and challenging, being the cinephile that he admittedly is. Peter recently completed work on legendary Hollywood director, Joe Dante's highly anticipated next feature, "The Hole in 3-D", due for theatrical release in 2010. He is currently working on the SciFi Network miniseries, "Riverworld", portraying one of Japan's most beloved national heroes, samurai, Kiso Yoshinaka.
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