Sasha Azevedo photo

Sasha Azevedo

Birth name:
Sasha Jade Azevedo
Date of Birth:
20 May 1978 San Diego, California, USA
5' 7" (1.70 m)
Sasha Jade Azevedo was born May 20, 1978 to Douglas and Susanne Azevedo in San Diego, California. Her father, who was then active Navy, was transferred a year later to Charleston, SC which became home for Sasha. At a young age, Sasha began performing on stage as a baton twirler and was also involved in gymnastics, cheering, and other sports including soccer, league bowling, volleyball, fishing, swimming, and roller skating. She also started modeling at age 11, but didn't pursue it until later in life. Following high school, Sasha went on to college where she studied Computer Technology, a field she had always excelled at, and later earned a degree in Business Technology along with a handful of certifications. During her time at college, Sasha was approached by a friend who had ties with the Marketing Department to see if she would be interested in a principal voice-over role for an upcoming college campus video for new students that would be distributed worldwide. Without hesitation, Sasha took the role as a challenge and was so excited that she learned her lines the very next day. It was then that Sasha knew she wanted to try her hand in acting, as it was a whole new world of opportunity that she had not yet experienced.Behind all of this is a story. Sasha began living life to the fullest in her early-to-mid twenties. For most of her early life, Sasha lived with epilepsy - a debilitating medical condition that she fought on a daily basis. It was an every day battle for her, and at age 21, following a major grand mal seizure that nearly killed her, Sasha's life became the story of a miracle. In December 1999, she underwent a brain surgery that changed her life forever and for the better. She has been seizure-free ever since and living the life she never knew before. At age 23, she started driving for the very first time in her life and has been celebrating her independence ever since. As for entertainment, it's still coming together, but so far, some of her most memorable experiences in the industry have been a feature in The Notebook (2004), performing as a magician's assistant/dancer aboard the world's leading cruise lines (2003-2004), working on the set of major events/promotions including Live 8: A Worldwide Concert Event Presented by Nokia (2005) (TV), NASCAR and Family Circle Cup, work in theatre as a mambo dancer in the musical Damn Yankees! (2005), and working on the sets of Invincible (2006) and "Army Wives" (2007). She is also a professional hair model for a major salon whose work appears internationally in hair magazines, salon books, hair styling DVD's, and via the Internet.
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