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Scott Leet

Birth name:
Scott Anthony Leet
Date of Birth:
26 December 1962 San Francisco, California, USA
6' 2" (1.88 m)
Scott Anthony Leet's persistence has brought him a long way since his days at SFSU where he once graced the gridiron as a top ranked punter and graduated with a marketing degree. Beating the odds, Scott made it into the pro ranks playing for both the St. Louis Rams and the Dallas Cowboys. After a devastating knee injury, Scott hung up his cleats and made a career change. Having won comedy competitions in the past for doing celebrity impersonations, Scott decided to pursue another passion: Entertainment. At once, he moved to Hollywood and studied acting at The Actors' Studio . Simultaneously, he penned nine original screenplays:"Out in Fifty", "Method To Madness", Good-Time Charlie", "Power Brawl", "Noah of Queens", "The Reel Deal", "Bandits Bluff", "Loco-Motive" and "The Belfast Brawler".As an actor, Scott has starred in features opposite Brittany Murphy (Abandoned), Michael Rooker, (Freeway Killer), Taryn Manning and Eric Roberts (Groupie) Louis Mandylor and Ed Lauter (The Prometheus Project), Natasha Henstridge (Perfect Student) among many others. Scott has also guest starred on such television shows as (Cold Case, NCIS, ER, Days of Our Lives) and more. Early on, Scott played the Live Animation Model for Kevin Kline's character, Captain Pheobus, in the animated feature (The Hunchback of Notre Dame). The first animated Disney character to spawn a goatee. Later, Scott completed his feature directorial debut (Out in Fifty) which he also produced, wrote and starred in opposite the great Mickey Rourke and Christina Applegate. Before that, he directed and starred in (The Gunman) the first twenty minute episode of a series he created called (A Vicious Cycle). Thereafter, Scott wrote a terrific martial arts story about an international fight event called (Power Brawl) being corrupted by Chicago mobsters. He wrote and produced a promo trailer for what was to be his next starring vehicle -- and then 9-11 hit...Paralyzed by the event, Scott decided to shelf the violent action pic and go back to to the drawing board. Unable to write, he did something he never thought he'd do...he purchased a guitar. And a chord book. And began voicing his ideas. Within three short days, Scott wrote his first song (American Man) which reflects the events of 9-11 and the undeniable courage of the American spirit in the face of evil. Completely enamored with music, Scott formed his own rock and roll band (Ten Richter) and has since written twenty five more songs and completed a ten song CD.Revitalized, Scott created his next two starring vehicles (Good-Time Charlie), a heartwarming story about an alcoholic stand-up impressionist, who becomes the legal guardian of his thirteen year old niece after the death of his sister as well as (Method To Madness), a diabolical thriller about an Irish method actor, who becomes a deranged serial killer for one week to win the role of a lifetime and destroy his enemies. Both films are skedded for a Los Angeles shoot.Scott Anthony Leet resides in the greater Los Angeles area.
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