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Stefanie Scott

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6 December 1996 Illinois, Chicago, USA
Stefanie Scott is a multi-talented actress and singer born December 6, 1996 in Chicago, Illinois. Her 2010 projects include the feature film "Flipped" directed by Rob Reiner; a new FOX show called "Sons of Tucson" and a new ABC TV series "Funny in Farsi". Stefanie was seen in Disney Channel's "Beethoven's Big Break" alongside Moises Arias from "Hannah Montana" as well as the hugely popular TV show 'Chuck' on NBC. She can be heard with her unique voice in the voice-over role of Brianna in the new animated Disney series "Special Agent Oso". Stefanie was nominated for two Young Artists Awards in 2009. Born in Chicago, Illinois, she moved to Melbourne, Florida at the age of six. She began her acting career at the age of eight, when she belted out the song "NYC" as she stepped onto stage as "A Star-to-Be" in "Annie". She continued being cast in commercials, print work, live vocal performances and theatre throughout Florida, before relocating to Los Angeles where she was signed by her agent and manager. In addition to her acting career, she recently found time to write four original pop songs released on an EP titled "New Girl in Town" and is working on more original music with several L.A. producers. Stefanie has been living in Los Angeles for the last year pursuing her acting, singing/songwriting career. She has two older brothers, Troy and Trent who are in college and a little Chihuahua named Mocha, a Bijon named Frosty and a cat named Tinkerbelle. Stefanie loves riding horses in her spare time. She hopes to attend Northwestern University, her father's Alma Mater.
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