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Tara is a "Navy brat" but mostly claims Florida as her home state. She attended Florida State where she developed a tan and a taste for Comedy Improv.Tara has done improv shows in Orlando, Austin, Texas, Atlanta, Colorado, New York, LA and London. She is proud of her improv work calling it both rewarding and challenging. She considers herself privileged to have played with improvisers from all over the world such as, Matt Stanton and Stephen Guarino. Tara's credits include work in the Georgia Shakespeare Festival in which critics described her as, "a character actress in an ingénue's body." Her work in Atlanta also included playing with the company of Dad's Garage.She has also performed in numerous stage productions the Shakespeare Tavern (in Atlanta) and the Georgia Shakespeare Festival (in Atlanta).Tara has taught improv to children through the Alliance Theater Company's acting program. She says she works well with children because she hasn't really grown up herself and doesn't plan to any time soon. Tara says, "I'd rather be playing outside than working any day, which is probably why I chose to be an actor, so I could PLAY."For fun, Tara enjoys the water - swimming, being at the beach, skiing, fishing, whatever. Tara also likes to dance to house music. She plays piano, flute, guitar and oboe, but according to her, none of them very well. Tara had a cat, Bane. She put him on the answering machine all the time admittedly, annoying her friends.She most recently performed in the Georgia Shakespeare Festival's version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in Atlanta, Georgia.
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