Tony Snegoff

Birth name:
Anthony Snegoff
Date of Birth:
19 January 1958 Hollywood, California, USA
5' 8" (1.73 m)
Born in Hollywood, into a family of film makers. His grandfather, father, mother, and brother were, and are in the film business.Tony had not expressed any interest in the Hollywood industry, until he was seventeen. Being very athletic and agile, Tony realized at that age, the thing for him to do, to utilize all his talents, was to become a stuntman.Tony was attending Mammoth Mtn. High School at that time. He received advice from a local stuntman that it was too difficult a job to get into. Thankfully, he did not heed that advice. He started doing acrobatics at the world famous "Muscle Beach" in Santa Monica, California.At the same time, he was training at a gym run by a well known stunt coordinator. Tony got an audition for a show that wanted to feature a day in the life of a stuntman. He won the audition, and Tony has been working steadily ever since.In 1984, he stunt coordinated his first show and realized that coordinating was even more enjoyable.Being a mechanically minded person, he started manufacturing his own stunt equipment and now owns "Action Equipment International," a stunt equipment manufacturing and rental business.Tony has also worked with the California state fire marshal for five years, coordinating the stunts for special effects seminars that are given to industry people, to help them have a higher rate of safety on the set.He lives with his wife Tammy.
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