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Vanessa Lee Evigan

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18 March 1981 Burbank, California, USA
Born and raised in Los Angeles California, Vanessa got her start on the small screen at only eight years old when she was an extra on the TV show "My Two Dads" (1987), which stared her father, Greg Evigan. Vanessa knew then she wanted to be an actress but it wasn't until she was 11 that her parents allowed her to get into the business. Her mother, Pamela Serpe Evigan, who was a dancer on Broadway, and her father, Greg Evigan, had strong feelings about her getting into the business too young. Vanessa is the oldest of three children: her brother, Jason Evigan, who is the singer of the band "After Midnight Project", and sister, actress Briana Evigan, who will be starring in the upcoming movie Step Up 2: The Streets (2008).At the age of twelve, Vanessa got her first job guest-starring on the TV show "Jack's Place" (1992), in which she was nominated for best actress in a guest-star role at the Young Artist Awards. Shortly after landing the role of "Jenny Clemens" on the critically acclaimed NBC series "Against the Grain" (1993) which also starred Ben Affleck. At fifteen, Vanessa was cast as "Sara Valentine" on UPN's TV series "Social Studies" (1997). She then went on to doing a recurring role as "Brittany Hodges" on "The Young and the Restless" (1973).Vanessa has guest-starred on many shows such as "Boy Meets World" (1993), "The Tom Show" (1997), "The Norm Show" (1999), "Less Than Perfect" (2002), "Emily's Reasons Why Not" (2006) and "How I Met Your Mother" (2005). She has also starred in several independent movies and made-for-TV movies, as well. This holiday season, she will be co-staring in the ABC Family MOW Holiday in Handcuffs (2007) (TV).Along with acting, Vanessa's other two passions in life are singing and finding a cure for muscular dystrophy. After loosing a friend to MD in high school, she has become very passionate about raising awareness to a younger generation and helping to find a cure. Vanessa has been involved with the muscular dystrophy association for the last three years and started a benefit two years ago called "Night Of Spirits".
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