William James Jones

Birth name:
Date of Birth:
4 August 1972 Chicago, Illinois, USA
William James Jones was born in the Hyde Park neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois. He has two brothers - Alonzo Jones, III (a medical student) and Michael Alan. His mother, Lori Ann Jones is an administrator for a California children's hospital and his father Alonzo Jones, Jr. is a talented musician in his own right.William is an accomplished singer, dancer and writer. He attended the High School of Performing Arts in Chicago. He appeared in several productions at the renowned Goodman Theater in Chicago. At fourteen years old he was chosen as for the a leading role in the play as Extremities (the rapist) and was a leading performer with the Pegasus Players.In 2000-2001, he wrote and directed a one-man show "Jones'N' that was well received and highly lauded by the Los Angeles Times. In 2002, he focused on honing his craft as the director of his own theater company. He is now preparing to return to the big screen as a performer.