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Release Date:
27 May 2020
30 min

Two sisters are at different stages in their respective relationships.

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  • Season 1 22 episodes


1 Pilot 2010-09-22
Mia invites Maddie and Ben to meet Casey, and they think they're meeting just another in a long line of…
2 Better with Firehouse 2010-09-29
Mia and Casey go house hunting when they realize that Mia's apartment will be too small for them when the…
3 Better with Ben 2010-10-06
Everyone dreads the gimmicky Putney family Christmas photo card that Joel obsesses over every year. But Ben, who has been…
4 Better with Fighting 2010-10-13
When Casey and Mia have their first fight as an engaged couple, Casey implements his plan that stops all arguments…
5 Better with Little Buddy 2010-10-20
Maddie thinks the best way to get someone to do something is to make them think it was their idea.…
6 Better with Halloween 2010-10-27
It's Halloween, which is also the date of Maddie's birthday. Because Maddie feels like she can never have a real…
7 Better with Road Joel 2010-11-03
Joel and Ben accompany Casey on a road trip to Vermont to help him move his stuff out of storage.…
8 Better with Flirting 2010-11-17
Mia and Casey are excited when Maddie gets them a meeting with one of the top wedding planners in the…
9 Better with Thanksgiving 2010-11-24
This Thanksgiving, everyone but Vicky is relieved when her oven breaks down. For once, the rest of the family can…
10 Better with Christmas Crap 2010-12-08
Mia and Maddie know their parents will give them an avalanche of guilt if they don't uphold the Putney family…
11 Better with Skinny Jeans 2011-01-05
When Mia accuses Ben of ripping her favorite pair of jeans, she drags him to the store, where he has…
12 Better Without a Couch 2011-01-12
Casey finds out that his ex-girlfriend wants to pick up the couch that she lent him before their breakup -…
13 Better with Valentine's Day 2011-02-09
Casey has big plans for his first Valentine's Day with Mia. But Ben and Joel tell him that their rule…
14 Better with a Leather Jacket 2011-02-16
The job interview-bound Casey, unaware that bad luck always follows the wearer of a particular leather jacket, borrows it without…
15 Better with a Leather Jacket 2011-02-28
16 Episode #1.16
17 Better Without a Job
18 Better with Lying 2011-04-20
On the eve of Mia and Casey's engagement party, Maddie gets a feeling that the oh so romantic and charming…
19 Better with Dancing 2011-04-25
20 Better with Crying 2011-04-27
21 Better with a Bargain 2011-05-04
22 Better with Baby 2011-05-11


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