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Release Date:
29 Nov 2021
Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
45 min

Each episode of this series, set in present day Los Angeles, examines one crime from many different viewpoints - uniformed cops, detectives, witnesses, the media, the fire department and rescue squad, even the criminals themselves.

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  • Season 1 18 episodes
  • Season 2 6 episodes


1 Pilot 2002-09-29
2 Possession 2002-10-06
3 The Squeeze 2002-10-13
4 Reelin' in the Years 2002-10-20
Joel and Fearless arrest a suburban housewife who 26 years earlier under a different identity was involved in an armed…
5 All Hallow's Eve 2002-10-27
On Halloween night, a man hijacks an ambulance, holding Teresa hostage and demanding that she save his brother who was…
6 The Freak 2002-11-03
After a Russian mobster kills a man in a public restaurant, a little girl comes forward as the "only witness"…
7 Insured by Smith & Wesson 2002-11-10
8 Crash 2002-11-17
Following a deadly accident, Joel and Fearless stumble upon evidence that the crash may have been part of an insurance…
9 The David McNorris Show 2002-12-01
10 Coyote 2002-12-08
11 Monster's Brawl 2003-01-05
Joel and Fearless investigate the death by assault of a homeless man in a public park. After interviewing people at…
12 Sinaloa Cowboys 2003-01-12
After an explosion at a meth lab leaves one person dead, Tom and Ray suspect a feuding couple. However when…
13 Home Invasion 2003-03-02
14 Execution 2003-03-09
15 Storm Watch 2003-03-16
16 Fearless 2003-03-30
17 Blackout 2003-04-13
Following the breakup of his marriage and the end of his relationship with Andrea Little, David McNorris goes on an…
18 Lost Child 2003-04-20


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