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Release Date:
29 Nov 2021
30 min

Jake Silver, a television producer, arrives in Miami to work on the morning show, GOOD MORNING MIAMI. What he sees is a utter mess like for instance the anchorman, Gavin Stone is recovering alcoholic who is pompous and arrogant, as is the anchorwoman Lucia, and the weather girl is a nun. Frank, the man who brings Jake there is extremely neurotic. And his assistant Penny is obstinate. Jake was about to leave when he meets Dylan the station's hairdresser and decides to stick around to court her, only problem she's already involved with Stone. But on the advise of his grandmother Clair, he decides to stay and see if he has a chance.

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  • Season 1 22 episodes
  • Season 2 18 episodes


1 Pilot 2002-09-26
2 Power Failure 2002-10-03
3 The Way to Dylan's Heart 2002-10-10
4 Swan Jake 2002-10-17
5 The Heart Is a Lonely Apartment Hunter 2002-10-24
6 Kiss of the Spider Man 2002-10-31
7 Penny Wise, Jake Foolish 2002-11-14
8 If It's Not One Thing, It's a Mother 2002-12-05
9 I'm with Stupid 2002-12-12
10 Hi, My Name Is Jake 2003-01-02
11 Jake's Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire 2003-01-09
12 Episode #1.12
13 Take a Penny, Give a Penny 2003-01-23
14 Mutt and Jake 2003-02-27
15 The Big Leap 2003-03-06
16 Fear and Loathing in Miami 2003-03-13
17 Three Weeks Notice 2003-03-27
18 About a Ploy 2003-03-20
19 Someone to Watch Over Gavin 2003-04-03
20 The Slow and the Furious 2003-04-10
21 Episode #1.21
22 One Flew Over the Cuckold's Nest 2003-04-17


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