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Release Date:
29 May 2020
Sci-Fi / Comedy
29 min

The crew of the HMS Camden Lock have and important mission: to protect the interests of Great Britain in and ever-changing galaxy. In this sci-fi comedy, some exciting new alien species are introduced as the crew of the Camden Lock find themselves in various (and sometimes life-threatening) predicaments, which are mostly brought on by themselves. Commander Henderson tries his best, but with officers like York and Teal this is not easy. Also, do not pretend not to marvel at the Queppu. They can see you marvel.

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  • Season 1 6 episodes
  • Season 2 5 episodes


1 A Gift from the Glish 2006-01-08
2 Hello, Queppu 2006-01-18
3 Weekend Off 2006-01-25
4 Asteroid 2006-02-01
5 Clare 2006-02-07
While scanning the galaxy for drug smugglers, the Camden Lock encounters the ship of the round-the-galaxy solo spacewoman, Clare Winchester.…
6 Assessment 2006-02-15


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