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Release Date:
18 Sep 2021
Drama / Thriller
130 min

Jack Driscoll is transferred from Dublin back to his birthplace in the remote west of Ireland as Garda Sergeant, the role recently vacated by his father, Gerry. Jack's first major case is an investigation into the death of a young woman, found in an isolated caravan. Jack is frustrated in his attempts to identify the woman as the community closes ranks. And what looked at first like accidental death takes on an increasingly sinister hue. Jack uncovers a tangled web of blackmail and sexual abuse, involving the farmer whose field the caravan occupied, a local hotelier, his father's oldest friend and a builder with a reputation for violence. Jack's relentless pursuit of the truth dredges up long-buried crimes and pits him against his new Inspector and Gerry, who may hold the key to the mystery. Throughout all of this there is one glimmer of hope: a romance with a young Dublin nurse, Saoirse visiting her uncle in the area, wealthy local builder Tommy Gallagher, who is drawn to the place - and Jack.

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  • Season 4 6 episodes


1 The Lost Boys: Part 1 2010-11-07
The body of elderly recluse Seamus Devlin is discovered dead in a field and the initial charge is to Ruairi,…
2 The Lost Boys: Part 2 2010-11-14
Jack continues his investigation into the death of Seamus Devlin and discovers a link between him and his newly found…
3 Between Two Fires: Part 1 2010-11-21
Jack investigates the suspicious fire of an unfinished house which belonged to his friend Killian Kinsella. Killian informs him that…
4 Between Two Fires: Part 2 2010-11-28
Jack continues to find the person he believes torched Dennis Costello's abandoned house but finds himself thwarted every which way…
5 A Cold Heaven: Part 1 2010-12-05
Jack starts an affair with his cousin's ex-fiancée Gemma just as he begins an investigation into a prostitution ring led…
6 A Cold Heaven: Part 2 2010-12-12
Jack is suspended by Inspector O'Kane pending his investigation into the assault charges on his cousin Brian. Dennis puts the…


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