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Release Date:
29 May 2020
Animation / Comedy
30 min

Meet Stroker, a private eye still mastering the art of sleuthing, and his partner Hoop, self-proclaimed master of disguise. Together with their disobedient talking hatchback C.A.R.R., they'll help anyone dumb enough to respond to their 1/8-page ad in the yellow pages and poorly spelled billboards. Stroker and Hoop don't always solve the case, but they will sleep late, drive fast and shoot guns trying.

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  • Season 1 13 episodes


1 C.A.R.R. Trouble 2004-08-01
2 Five Diamonds 2005-09-04
3 Tinfoiled Again 2005-09-11
4 Rube Job 2005-09-18
5 XXX Wife 2005-09-25
6 Ninja Worrier 2005-10-02
7 Quiller Instinct 2005-10-09
8 Hip Hop Hooray 2005-11-20
9 Just Voodoo It 2005-11-27
10 I Saw Stroker Killing Santa 2005-12-04
11 The Wrath of Kahn'Ja 2005-12-11
12 How to Get Dead (Behind) in Advertising 2005-12-11
13 Putting the 'Ass' in Assassin 2005-12-30


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