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Release Date:
16 Aug 2022
Adventure / Action / Fantasy
60 min

Two years after having been swept away in a storm and awakening to find a mysterious bracelet strapped to his wrist, the famous captain sets off on new voyages. Sinbad assembles a crew with his impulsive elder brother Doubar which includes the under appreciated inventor/man of sciene Firouz, the silent warrior Rongar, a Celtic woman named Maeve (the apprentice of Sinbad's magician mentor Dim Dim), and her beloved guardian hawk Dermott. Later to join the crew is an enigma of a woman known as Bryn. Dim Dim's disappearence and a constant battle with a witch named Rumina, who holds a connection to Maeve and Dermott, causes the crew to travel distant lands, fighting tyrants and monsters, all the while trying to keep magic and adventure alive in the world.

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  • Season 1 22 episodes
  • Season 2 18 episodes


1 Return of Sinbad: Part 1
2 Return of Sinbad: Part 2
3 The Beast Within 1996-10-12
4 Still Life 1996-10-19
5 The Ronin 1996-10-26
6 Little Miss Magic 1997-11-02
7 King Firouz
8 The Ties That Bind 1996-11-04
9 Double Trouble 1996-11-23
Sinbad and his crew sail to Basra, to retrieve a priceless treasure from its Sultan for the Caliph: a sacred…
10 Conundrum 1996-11-30
11 The Prince Who Wasn't 1996-12-21
12 The Village Vanishes 1996-12-28
13 Masked Mauraders 1997-02-01
14 The Ghoul's Tale 1997-01-27
15 The Rescue 1997-03-02
16 Eye of Kratos 1997-02-22
17 The Bully
18 Monument 1997-04-27
19 Trickster 1997-05-03
20 The Siren's Song 1997-05-18
21 Isle of Bliss 1997-05-18
22 The Vengeance of Rumina 1997-05-25


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