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"Las aventuras de los Tiny Toon" (country Argentina)"Les Tiny toons" (country France (dubbed version))"Steven Spielberg Presents... Tiny Toon Adventures" (country USA (alternative title))"Tiny Tunes" (country USA (working title))

Release Date:
10 Jul 2020
Animation / Short / Adventure / Comedy / Family
21 min

The wacky adventures of the new young hip generation of Warner Bros. Looney Tunes characters, most of them descendants of the original classic toon cast.

In this series, a new generation of Looney Toon characters study at Acme Acres Looniversity under the instruction of the original characters. The leading characters are Buster and Babs Bunny (no relation) who, with their classmates, have a variety of adventures that are a mix of original stories, film and TV parodies and modern remakes of classic WB shorts.

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  • Season 1 65 episodes
  • Season 2 13 episodes
  • Season 3 20 episodes


1 The Looney Beginning 1990-09-14
2 A Quack in the Quarks 1990-09-17
3 The Wheel O' Comedy 1990-09-18
4 Test Stress 1990-09-19
5 The Buster Bunny Bunch 1990-09-20
6 Her Wacky Highness 1990-09-21
7 Journey to the Center of Acme Acres 1990-09-24
8 Stuff That Goes Bump in the Night 1990-09-25
9 It's Buster Bunny Time 1990-09-26
10 Looking Out for the Little Guy 1990-09-27
11 Starting from Scratch 1990-09-28
12 Hare-Raising Night 1990-10-01
13 Furrball Follies 1990-10-02
14 The Acme Acres Zone (A Walk on the Flip Side/A Bacon Strip/Senserely Yours, Babs) 1990-10-03
A "Twilight Zone" spoof including "A Walk On The Flip Side," where rabbit-hating Montana wakes up as a bunny; "A…
15 Life in the 1990s 1990-10-04
16 Rock 'N' Roar 1990-10-05
Buster finds a dinosaur egg and mistakes it for his soccer ball, until it hatches into a tyrannosaurus Rex. Buster…
17 Prom-ise Her Anything 1990-10-08
Acme Looniversity is abuzz as the prom approaches. Buster fears his dark secret -his profound inability to dance- will be…
18 Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow 1990-10-09
19 Cinemaniacs 1990-10-10
20 You Asked for It: Part 1 1990-10-11
21 Gang Busters 1990-10-12
Montana Max and his gang steal a slushie machine and frame Buster for it; Plucky acts as his lawyer and…
22 Citizen Max 1990-10-15
The isolated and rich Montana Max one day opens his mansions' window, shouting out the word 'Acme.' Hampton goes on…
23 Wake Up Call of the Wild 1990-10-17
24 Buster and the Wolverine 1990-10-19
25 You Asked for It: Part 2 1990-10-22
26 Hollywood Plucky 1990-10-23
27 Europe in 30 Minutes 1990-10-26
Plucky, Hamton and the Bunnys go abroad for a tour of Europe.
28 The Wacko World of Sports 1990-10-30
29 Rainy Daze 1990-11-01
Buster and Babs present three cartoons on how to cope with a rainy day. Rent-A-Friend: Buster's working as a rent-a-friend…
30 Fields of Honey 1990-11-02
Babs is dejected that with the wealth of professors to guide students, there seem to be no female role models…
31 Sawdust and Toonsil 1990-11-05
32 Spring in Acme Acres 1990-11-06
33 Psychic Fun-omenon Day 1990-11-07
Calamaty Coyote sees his life flash before his eyes in "Piece Of Mind." Hamton wimps out of dissecting a frog…
34 The Wide World of Elmyra 1990-11-08
35 A Ditch in Time 1990-11-09
36 Animaniacs! 1990-11-12
37 Career Oppor-Toon-ities 1990-11-13
38 Strange Tales of Weird Science 1990-11-14
39 Inside Plucky Duck 1990-11-15
40 The Acme Bowl 1990-11-16
41 Dating, Acme Acres Style 1990-11-19
Buster and Babs create the rules as they go on a date in "Buster's Guide To Dating." Fifi thinks a…
42 Looniversity Daze 1990-11-20
43 Best o' Plucky Duck Day 1990-11-21
Plucky panics as Granny begins quizzing the class and handing out grueling homework punishments for wrong answers in "One Minute…
44 Hero Hamton 1990-11-23
Hamton faces off against Montana Max.
45 Whale's Tales 1990-11-26
The toons set out to restore a kidnapped bbay whale and punish its abducter.
46 Ask Mr. Popular 1990-12-05
Dizzy's transformed into the perfect friend when Mr. Popular hooks him up to a personality implanter in "Dapper Diz." Hamton's…
47 Son of Looniversity Daze 1990-12-07
48 Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool 1990-12-10
49 Fairy Tales for the 90's 1990-12-12
50 Who Bopped Bugs Bunny? 1990-12-14
Daffy is framed for the kidnapping of Bugs Bunny, and the tiny toons try to break him out of jail…
51 Tiny Toon Music Television 1991-02-01
52 The Return to the Acme Acres Zone 1991-02-04
53 The Acme Home Shopping Show 1991-02-06
Plucky uses an unusual feature of his remote control to "pause" reality in "Oh For Art's Sake." Elmyra torments three…
54 Weirdest Story Ever Told 1991-02-08
55 Viewer Mail Day 1991-02-11
56 Son of the Wacko World of Sports 1991-02-12
Bjorn Bunny thwarts Max's rigged tennis tournament in "Tennis The Menace." Dizzy and Furrball try to fool Arnold in "Bleacher…
57 Pollution Solution 1991-02-14
58 You Asked for It Again 1991-02-15
Buster displays classic procrastination techniques instead of doing homework in "Buster's Guide To Goofing Off." Elmyra terrorizes a mall afterhours…
59 Brave Tales of Real Rabbits 1991-02-18
60 How Sweetie It Is 1991-02-19
An eagle thinks he's Sweetie's father in "Egged-On Eagle." Sweetie is insulted when Furrball declines to eat her in "Let's…
61 New Character Day 1991-02-20
62 Here's Hamton 1991-02-21
63 No Toon Is an Island 1991-02-25
64 K-AcmeTV 1991-02-26
65 High Toon 1991-03-29


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