What is Movie-bar.com?

Movie-bar.com is an on-line store and broad base of various movies that provides you with downloading and on-line watching. You can get an access to any content and download it within several minutes. Movie-bar.com is very easy to use and comfortable to browse through it.

Services Overview

  • Movie-bar.com database contains more than 13,000 movies, 1200 TV Series that include more than 70 000 episodes.
  • Movie-bar.com uploads about 15 – 20 movies every day.
  • Movie-bar.com provides you with movie downloading and online watching watching in HD, HQDivX, DivX, Mp4 formats.
  • Movie-bar.com offers two types of accounts – Basic (movie downloading or watching online three movies every 24 hours) and Premium (one, three or six unlimited months of movie watching and downloading).
  • Movie-bar.com has 24/7 customer support – helping our clients is our highest priority.

I want to find a movie.What shall I do?

  • To find any movie move to the Movie-bar.come home page.
  • If you want to find the particular movie, type its title in the "Search" field and click the "Search" button.
  • Click "Advanced Search" to find the movie you want according to its genre, release year, actors, type ( movies, tv shows, tv series, trailers), and in quality of HD, HQDivX, DivX, MP4 formats or online watching.
  • Updates page provides you with the last updates by year, month, week or day.
  • With Movies page you are provided with full movie database where you can find any movie you need by Genres, Year, IMDb rating, Countries and by sorting movies alphabetically, by IMDB rating, by release date.
  • You can find full TV Series database with any movie you need by sorting Genres, Year, IMDb rating, Countries, alphabetically, by IMDB rating, by release date.
  • Click Actors page to find out movies sorted by actors, writers, and directors. You are provided with information about actors, writers and directors of movies, their photos, and biography. Use the Quick Search at the Actors page to find the particular person.

Where can I find the movie information?

Choose any movie you want, click it and reach the movie page.

What movie information can I find out on Movie-bar.com?

You can find the following information on the movie page:
  • The movie title
  • Director's name
  • Release date
  • Genre
  • Country
  • Runtime
  • Availiable formats
  • Preview
  • Cast

What shoul I do if I need help?

Our customer service is available for everyone even for non-registered users. If you are registered and logged in you have the possibility to send a message to our customer support. Click «Create New Ticket» on your account page or on the top of any page and write a message to our customer support, then click «Send». Our customer support will contact you very soon.


I want to start movie downloading and watching. What should I do?

Click «Sign Up» to proceed the registration and and spend one minute to type your working email and password. After registration you will get full access to all Movie-bar.com services.

When can I start movie downloading and online watching?

Start to download or watch movies right after the registration.

Is my account secure?

The confidential information of any user is the highest priority of Movie-bar.com. Your confidentiallity and personal billing information is protected by SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer). If you want to make your account even more secure don't forget to this simple actions:

  • Log out after you finished purchasing and downloading
  • Do not use your password for other online accounts
  • Do not share your password with anyone
  • Change your password often to be sure your account is secure
  • Use only unique password, do not use your birth date or home address

What offers Movie-bar.com besides downloading and watching online?

When you are registered and logged in on Movie-bar.com you get your personnel account and you see «Account» in the up-right corner of the page and other following features:

  • Payments
  • Downloads
  • Downloads
  • Purchase history
  • Tickets
  • View online

To get full range of capabilities, please click any of the feature.
By clicking «Account» you can

  • Edit your personal info, change your password By clicking «Payments» you can
  • See your payments history By clicking «Download» you can
  • See the list of your purchased/selected movies for downloading By clicking «Purchase history» you can
  • See your purchase history By clicking «Tickets» you can
  • Access support By clicking «View online» you can
  • See the movies you purchased/selected for watching online, watch them online right from your account

What shoul I do to reach my account at any moment?

When you are logged in on Movie-bar.com you can always find available features of your account on the top of every page you visit

  • Account
  • Downloads
  • Watch online
  • Tickets
  • Add funds

By clicking any of the features you can reach the page of your personnel account.

What is Add Funds?

The feature “Add funds” provides premium members with making payments and let basic members to get premium membership and unlimited access to movies database.

I forgot my password. What shall I do?

Type your registered e-mail here and we will send you a new password. It will be generated by our system, and only you know it. However we recommend to change this password for better security.

I get "Username and password do not match" message every time I try to log in. What shall I do?

  • Make sure you have typed the correct username and password.
  • Check if CAPS LOCK is on, it is necessary to bear in mind that passwords are case sensitive. If the problem is still unsolved, please, contact our Support.

What types of account Movie-bar.com provides?

Movie-bar.com provides you with Basic and Premium accounts.
When you sign up you get a membership choice.
If you want to get Premium, click «Get premium».

What if I don't want to join premium members?

If you don't want to join premium members you are allowed to download or watch online three free movies every 24 hours.

I have spent my limit, but I want more movies. What shall I do?

If you want more than three movies per day you can get premium account.

What provides premium account?

If you are premium member you are provided with:

  • Unlimitted and fast movie downloading
  • Unlimitted online movie watching
  • Different discounts and bonuses
  • Other fantastic benefits

How can I get premium account?

To get premium account click «Get Premium account» or «Add Funds». If you're not registered, click «Get Premium» after registration.

How can I get bonuses and discounts?

Continue using your premium account and get discounts for the every next period.


General information

The services offered on the Website or the prices for such services are subject to changes at the Administration's sole discretion. All Customers shall pay for using Movie-bar.com's services. To reach the services, you should replenish your account according to the fees identified. The Administration guarantees your order processing only if the total amount on your account is enough to pay for all ordered services. You are welcome to pay with your credit card. Attempts to reach the services using false or invalid information will be considered a fraud; our system utilizes some of the best fraud prevention technologies provided by our payment provider along with additional algorithms developed by our programming team. Orders may be deleted without notification if we believe them to be fraudulent. In this case, money left on the Customer's account will not be refunded.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept only VISA and MasterCard.

Are there any additional ways to add funds?

You can use PayPal Plug-In - securely pay for purchases with a temporary MasterCard credit card number. http://financialsoft.about.com/od/onlinesoftware/p/PayPal_PlugIn.htm
How can I add funds?
1. Log in
2.1 If you are a basic member press "Add Funds" > select payment > complete the form, press "Continue" and receive credits on your account.
2.2 If you login for the first time, press "Get premium" and select payment > complete the form, press "Continue" and receive credits on your account.

I want to cancel adding funds. Can I get my money back?

The fact that you have added a certain sum on your account or you have subscribed to one of our plans means that you agree to use advantages of Movie-bar.com's services. If you want to change or cancel your operation, please contact our Support Service.


How can I download the movie?

If you are registered and logged in on Movie-bar.com to reach the movie page click the movie you want to download. Then click «download».
If you are not logged in, please Log In.
If you are not registered, click the movie you want to download, then register or click «Sign Up». After you will be moved to movie page.

How can I watch online the movie?

If you are registered and logged in on Movie-bar.com to reach the movie page click the movie you want to download. Then click “watch”.
If you are not logged in, please Log In.
If you are not registered, click the movie you want to watch, then register or click «Sign Up». After you will be moved to movie page.

Is there a limit of downloading or watching online?

Premium members have unlimited movie downloading or watching online.
Basic members are allowed to download or watch three movies every day.

What if I have a problem with downloading?

If you have problem with downloading try the following ways to solve it:
  • Try a different Internet connection.
  • Try a different computer.
  • Try a different browser.
  • Nothing works. I still can't download. Contact our Support.